If you have a pension in the Sony UK Pension Scheme but you haven't started to receive it yet, this area of the website is for you. Use the tabs above to explore this website.

The money in the Scheme is held in a communal fund (with the exception of AVCs and Nest-Egg Accounts). This communal fund is invested by the Trustee. A document called the Statement of Investment Principles sets out the Trustee’s investment strategy.

The Company and the Trustee continue to monitor the Scheme funding level to ensure that the Scheme can continue to pay out all the pensions that have been promised to members. The Trustee issues a summary funding statement every year (usually as part of our annual member newsletter, known as the POP Report), which sets out the Scheme’s funding position.

In addition, every three years, the Scheme Actuary carries out an in-depth analysis of the funding position, known as the triennial valuation. Following each valuation, the Trustee and Company agree the level of contributions necessary to return or maintain the Scheme to the required level. This is known as the Schedule of Contributions.